Provider Track


• Provides an advanced set of skills and knowledge not found in any other course, and most of which is not taught in medical school nor emergency medicine residencies.

• Provides an understanding of the pathophysiology of injuries and medical conditions commonly encountered in the Technical Rescue environment. 

• Differs from Wilderness Medicine and Tactical Medicine, although there is some minimal overlap with these disciplines.

• Bridges the gap between the field and the Emergency Department or Operating Room.

• Trains medical professionals to function safely on the rescue ground.

• Trains medical professionals to interact appropriately with the Technical Rescue or US&R Team.

• Fills a critical need for training for the care of the heavily entrapped or entangled patient.

Team Leader/Public Official/EMA Track


• Provides a unique perspective of the rescue ground, focusing on the central role of the rescue medic.

• Teaches how to structure the rescue around the medic-patient interaction, resulting in a successful rescue with an alive patient. 

• Provides resources to enable preplanning for the technical rescue environment. 

• Practices scenarios with command decisions to ensure the primary objective: a rescue, not a recovery.

• Familiarizes community leaders with the needs and challenges of technical rescue, and the critical importance of providing specialized medical care on scene.